Oakland Chinatown (1985)

Ed Wong recently found pictures of Flo’s visit to Oakland Chinatown in June 1985.

Flo says, “Ed and I definitely have fond memories of Oakland Chinatown. Ed really loves Oakland Chinatown and fondly remembers bringing his mom to Chinatown to buy soy sauce from the 8th street Man Lung store where their soy sauces prices were low.”

Flo remembers, “Whenever I needed kindness/love I left Ai Joong Wah to visit sweet and kind Foo Tuey Moo who ran Man Lung after her husband passed. Foo Tuey Moo was one of my mother’s good friends after our family’s settled in Oakland Chinatown in 1933. Her children and our Gee/Wong sibs were good friends @ Lincoln School and @ Wah Kue Chinese School on 9th Street. I learned how to play ping pong from one of Foo Tuey Moo’s sons.”

“You stopped at the site of your family’s Great China Restaurant, which was then Wing Wah Tea House.“

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01 Oakland Chinatown (1985)
03 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

“The kitchen was much like it was for Great China.“

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05 Oakland Chinatown (1985)
04 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

“Then you wandered on Webster, Eight and Harrison Streets.“

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07 Oakland Chinatown (1985)
06 Oakland Chinatown (1985)
09 Oakland Chinatown (1985)
08 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

“On Harrison Street you saw the house in the location of your family’s Victorian.“

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10 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

“On Seventh Street you found Beverly Tom’s family house.“

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11 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

“And then to see the kids getting out of Chinese School at the Joe Shoong Center.“

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12 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

“And then something to eat.“

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13 Oakland Chinatown (1985)

The Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1985 by a group of local business people who wanted to promote business in the Asian community and provide a forum for the discussion of government policies. Today, the chamber has grown to over 200 members representing diverse ethnic groups and a range of businesses and professions in both Oakland Chinatown and the Bay Area.

Flo adds, ”The people who eventually organized Wah Sang were customers of Ai Joong Wah. I remember serving them when they came for coffee and more.“

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