At the corner,vendors sell pots of fresh azaleasin colors of sun and sky.The smell of jai, a monk’svegetarian dish,with its black noodlesand wood…

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Trumpet vines dangle

Trumpet vines dangle Chimes ring Melody fills the garden. Wind whooshes Leaves wave and twirl Summer is here Flo Oy Wong July 5,…

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petals dance

petals dance birds chirp cold kisses the morning a new day celebrate Flo Oy Wong June 24, 2023

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Last night, I finished watching the engaging 44 episodes Chinese action, crime drama “Hunting,” which features the appealing Wang Kai as an ace…

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Flight to You

I have been watching Asian dramas for many years, finding that I like watching Korean and Chinese dramas. Really enjoy watching Asian actors…

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